Originz - The Superpowered Card Game

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"A rift in the space-time continuum has altered the very fabric of reality... Magic is real. Mutations are common. Aliens have invaded." Governments have dissolved - their military forces have scattered. Nobody is safe. The world has been changed forever, but your origin story has just begun. You’ve survived the apocalypse and emerged with incredible superpowers. Many see you as their last hope – a savior….a hero. Others fear you - branding you as a villain who seeks only power and glory. It is time to show them who you really are…it is time to take a stand. There is nothing left to do, but fight!

Become a Superpowered Hero or Villain; team up with friends and battle in this complete, multi-format card game for 2-8 players. Originz features a 'deck is your life' mechanic and a consistent energy resource. Play with one of 12 pre-constructed decks out of the box, or customize your own deck. The game includes 260 ability cards and 24 different Hero and Villain types.